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IPSi is dedicated to reducing friction, improving efficiency, and enhancing business processes for companies in the core areas of Mission Critical Labeling and Barcode Data Collection. Our approach involves not only utilizing cutting-edge hardware and software but also applying common sense, attention to detail, and practical experience. This combination allows us to create easy to use, scalable solutions that effectively address our customers’ most pressing challenges and keeps them in control. Our passion lies in assisting customers in harnessing technology to establish streamlined and cost-effective systems and processes, ensuring the seamless efficiency of their operations daily, and transferring knowledge. We exclusively work with the most well-established, reputable equipment manufacturers and software providers to deliver our label printing and barcode data collection solutions seamlessly into your processes and systems.
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Why IPSi?

At IPSi, our mission is to enhance our customers' efficiency and empower their employees for success. We realize this mission by adhering to three fundamental principles in our solution development process:

Make it Simple.

Make it Work.

Make it Last.

Our solutions prioritize real people and practical working conditions. We take pride in crafting systems that seamlessly integrate into people’s work, rather than creating obstacles. The measure of our success lies in the continual productivity gains reported by our customers following the implementation of our systems.

Meet the Team

Meet the driving forces behind IPSi Scan

Rick Schilling

Rick Schilling


With more than two decades of experience, Rick has worked in and around manufacturing and distribution. His expertise lies in delivering solutions encompassing systems integration, software, printing equipment, custom labels, inventory management, data collection, and comprehensive process improvement in areas where people and machines come together.

Company Roles: Problem Solving, Customer Satisfaction, Company Culture, Sales, Accounting, Operations, HR, Execution and Accountability

Personal:  Outside the office I like spending time with my family and being outdoors away from email and computers.

Annemarie Cutler

Annemarie Cutler

Sales Coordinator

Bringing a wealth of business experience to her position as Sales Coordinator, Annemarie has actively been involved in both the manufacturing and retail sectors, holding roles in accounting, sales, and management. Her multifaceted background equips her with a holistic understanding of diverse business functions, making her a valuable asset to the team.

Company Roles: Problem Solving, Customer Satisfaction, Company Culture, Sales, Accounting, Operations, HR, Execution & Accountability

Personal: Outside of work, Annemarie combines her love of history, art, and architecture with travel.

Christy Shalinsky

Christy Shalinsky

Sales Coordinator

Christy leverages her extensive administrative experience in her capacity as a Customer Service Representative. Her professional journey has encompassed roles in insurance, banking, and healthcare, where she has served as a Client Representative, Account Coordinator, Clinical Assistant, and Risk Management Assistant.

Company Roles: Customer Satisfaction, Order Processing, Accounting, Operations, and Sales.

Personal: Outside of work Christy spends most of her time watching, filming, and traveling for Girls Flag Football league and High School.

Ian Faust

Ian Faust

Lead Developer

Ian, self-styled as the MacGyver of label printing and software solutions, excels in mastering the intricacies of both hardware and software involved in label printing. Whether optimizing your labeling process or making his motorcycle go just a little bit faster, Ian takes pride in his broad “jack-of-all-trades” expertise.

Company Roles: Problem Solving, Customer Satisfaction, Systems Integration, Software Development & Deployment, Label Design & Integration 

Personal: In his free time Ian enjoys the outdoors, extreme sports, and tinkering with anything he is able to take apart himself.

Rashaan Washington

Rashaan is dedicated to efficient execution and gaining a precise understanding of customers’ desired outcomes. Committed to transforming cumbersome processes into swift and straightforward tasks, he actively seeks to eliminate redundancy from both his personal life and the experiences of those around him. 

Company Roles: Problem Solving, Customer Satisfaction, Systems Integration, Software Development & Deployment, Label Design & Integration 

Personal: In his free time, Rashaan enjoys running, reading, relaxing, and experimenting with different software.

Jonathan Librizzi

Jon, a certified “gearhead” and former firefighter, has long been captivated by the intricate workings of the modern world. Drawing from years of hands-on experience at Amazon’s warehouse level, he witnessed the pivotal role label printing plays in the daily operations of major corporations. Now, enthusiastic about sharing his expertise, Jon is poised to assist both big and small businesses in addressing their labeling challenges.

Company Roles: Problem Solving, Customer Satisfaction, Systems Integration, Software Development & Deployment, Label Design & Integration 

Personal: When Jon has time to kill, he enjoys researching and working on cars, lifting weights, skateboarding, customizing everything he owns, as well as creating unique video games from scratch.

James Bachrach

James, one of the recent additions to the technical team at Integrated Productivity Systems, brings a foundation in programming software to his role. With a keen eye for coding intricacies, James contributes a fresh perspective to our team’s technical endeavors. Beyond the workplace, he finds joy in outdoor activities and cherishes quality time spent with his family.

Company Roles: Problem Solving, Customer Satisfaction, Systems Integration, Software Development & Deployment, Label Design & Integration 

Personal: James enjoys taking care of his vegetable garden, house plants, pets and spending time with his friends and family.

Diego, a committed programmer, takes pleasure in experimenting with technology and derives satisfaction from problem-solving. His genuine passion for exploring new technologies is evident in his continuous quest for knowledge, and he leverages his expertise to assist customers in enhancing their business practices.

Company Roles: Problem Solving, Customer Satisfaction, Systems Integration, Software Development & Deployment, Label Design & Integration 

Personal: In his free time Diego enjoys tinkering with computers, reading, and all things tech.

Former Contributors to IPSi Alumni/Hall Of Fame

Wellington Rodriguez

Wellington Rodriguez

Developer/Master Problem Solver

Contributions: The OG. WROD. Our main man Wellington implemented more solutions with BarTender Label Software than any other person under 30! Customers still ask for him all the time. He worked his butt off every day solving problems in manufacturing while growing from Computer Science Student to Full Stack Business Application developer! He is the best dude ever. He’ll tell you that he left because he had to explain the development stack for the 100th time to a certain individual, but the fact is that he was overheard saying he didn’t like printers, then he turned 30 so you know he had to go. No printer hating old head programmers at IPSi per company policy 🙂. We miss you brother!

Pete Silvestri

Pete Silvestri

Developer/Printer Video Star

Contributions: Pete from the Print Lab! In addition to being super fun, creative, and funny, Pete mastered BarTender and NiceLabel label software, deployed countless printing solutions in manufacturing and distribution, and then…he produced, directed, and starred in our award-winning Epson printer videos! All of this while going to school for Computer Science and becoming a great software developer. He is also our favorite lunchtime conversationalist! We miss you brother but know you are kicking butt developing websites!

Our Brands

We like logos, color, and creating

IPSi Scan

Integrated Productivity Systems

Integrated Productivity Systems stands as our flagship brand. For us, the principle is clear: Inefficiency is unacceptable! At the core of our organization, we excel as versatile problem solvers. Collaborating with software, hardware, and, most crucially, PEOPLE, we harness technology, integrate sound business practices, and optimize workflows. This results in cost reduction, error elimination, and empowers our clients to expand their operations, supporting the needs of THEIR customers!

Infinity Label Group

Why choose Infinity Label Group? Because exceptional products deserve outstanding labels, and because our passion lies in labels, stickers, and pressure-sensitive communication devices—whatever term suits you best. We’ve established a brand committed to assisting our customers in implementing desktop, industrial, and color label printing technology, enhancing flexibility in their operations. Furthermore, the ILG brand will function as our e-commerce platform for color inkjet printing technology and will be the channel to communicate all the remarkable aspects of our brand. It’s our customers who will drive the adoption of this incredibly powerful technology.


Optimize compliance label printing using the STICKY API! Our proprietary Lab-to-Label Compliance System utilizes the STICKY API along with either BarTender Label or NiceLabel Cloud Label software to seamlessly connect your testing lab data with your product and compliance label printing procedures!


PJWMS represents our dynamic cloud-based Software-as-a-Service Warehouse and Order Management system. Originating from our extensive involvement as integrators and solution providers in diverse manufacturing and distribution settings, the system reflects our commitment to “Integrate to Innovate.” Drawing from our firsthand experience in configuring and integrating off-the-shelf software programs, developing custom software, and actively participating in order management, labeling, packaging, and shipping, we’ve created a flexible product that organizes unmanaged workflows and systemizes mission-critical processes.