Honeywell provides the safety and productivity solutions for the modern enterprise. By leveraging their technology, you can streamline workflows with maximized uptime and efficiency.



The 8675i rugged compact wearable scanner provides ergonomic, high performance scanning. Designed to deliver reliable results in demanding workflows, this productivity tool is ready to perform in real-world applications.

8675i User Guide

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The CT30 XP combines the elegant design and usability of a high-end mobile phone without compromising the durability, manageability or business functionality serious businesses depend on. It's an all-purpose, universal power tool in a consumer form factor with enterprise support.

CT30 XP User Guide

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The CT45 and CT45 XP: A family of versatile and comprehensive mobile computers based on the newest generation of the Mobility Edge platform. Powerful, compact, durable, and easy to use, the CT45 product family enables maximum solution return on investment.

CT45 XP User Guide

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The CW45: A dedicated wearable mobile computer bringing optimized ergonomics and performance to arm-worn applications. Comfortable, powerful, compact, durable, and easy to use, the CW45 provides maximum solution return on investment.

CW45 User Guide

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Honeywell’s enterprise-class 7-inch tablet, the ScanPal EDA71, delivers real-time connectivity, fast data capture capabilities and enterprise-level reliability and protection.

EDA71 User Guide

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The Honeywell RT10 rugged tablet is designed for rapid user adoption, minimized TCO and optimized device management. Whether you’re a supervisor or a shop floor employee, a manager or a maintenance worker, the RT10 is ready to fit into your daily workflow.

RT10A User Guide
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RT10W User Guide
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ScanPal EDA10A

The EDA10A features a high-performance octa-core processor, 5G and Wi-Fi 6 connectivity and a lightweight, yet durable frame, backed up by Honeywell accessories, service and support expected by business users.

ScanPal EDA10A User Guide

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