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Label Printing Systems - IPSI Scan

Label Printing Systems - IPSI Scan

A well-designed Label Printing System is the key ingredient needed to run a successful organization today. Almost all manufacturing and distribution companies are printing labels today and many of them are doing so with a process and equipment that was developed over 7-10 years ago. These legacy labeling systems are not able to keep up with the increasingly complex regulations and customer specific labeling requirements with which all business are faced.

In our experience, these sub-optimal processes can be identified by some common traits and issues:

  • Inability to comply with Governmental/International/Regulatory/Industry labeling requirements
  • Inability to respond to Customer labeling requirements easily and quickly
  • Printing Labels is a full time job
  • Only one employee really knows the label system.
  • There is a lot of manual interaction to generate labels.
  • Operators need to sift through hundreds or thousands of label formats in order to print.
  • Inaccurate information is on the labels
  • Poor Print Quality due to inconsistent formatting and placement of text
  • Missed opportunities to promote your company and brand
  • Large Inventories of Pre-printed labels

IPSi specializes in helping companies re-engineer their label printing process so that they can realize significant cost savings, dramatically improve operational efficiency, and make their supply chain more agile, responsive, and competitive.  We take a strategic approach to centralizing label management and our solutions encompass all components of your labeling system:

  • Database review and preparation
  • Integration with ERP and/or other controlling business system
  • Defining internal/external business requirements and applicable regulations
  • Developing intuitive operator User Interfaces (UIs)
  • Selecting the most appropriate printing technology(s) (direct thermal, thermal transfer, inkjet, laser)
  • Utilizing the most cost effective supplies (labels, ribbons, inks) to accomplish your objectives

Our comprehensive solutions immediately deliver productivity gains, cost savings, and improved quality throughout the entire labeling process.  You don’t need someone to just sell you a Printer. Or just sell you a Label Design Software Package. Or just sell you Labels. You need to fix the business process and we can help!
IPSi has successfully integrated and optimized pre-packaged label software with many Enterprise Resource Planning Systems (ERP), Manufacturing Resource Planning Systems (MRP), Warehouse Management Systems (WMS), Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS), Safety Data Sheet Systems (SDS), Formula Management Systems (FMS), and other business systems including AccellosOne, Aptean Made2Manage ERP, BSI Complete Specimen Management, ChemScribe, CompassIM, E2 Shop Tech, Epicor Prophet 21, Image Wave EHS Enterprise, Infor, JD Edwards World, MAS 200, MAS 90, Microsoft Acccess, Microsoft Dynamic GP (Great Plains), Microsoft Dynamics AX (Axapta), Microsoft Dynamics NAV (Navision), Microsoft Excel, Monsoon WMS, MSDgen, Optel Fast Series Serialization and Track and Trace, Oracle, ProductVision, Qantel PowerShift, Sage 100, Sage 300, Sage 500, SAP, SDSPro, Systech UniSeries Serialization System, and many other home grown and ODBC accessible system databases.

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