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See how costly wasted tasks are quickly eliminated by the use of mobile power technology by Newcastle Systems. Increase inbound receipts by 52% and more.

PowerSwap Nucleus Lithium Power System

IPSi Scan

The FIRST Lithium portable power pack designed for industrial environments by Newcastle Systems.

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Newcastle Systems is an innovator of workplace mobility solutions for many of the world’s leading retail and operations companies.

As the leading provider of Mobile Workplace© solutions, Newcastle Systems provides the means to dramatically improve your employee and facility productivity without major changes to your infrastructure, software or processes.

Utilizing their mobile systems has been shown to greatly increase production time by decreasing downtime created by everyday time-wasters, as you can see in this case study.

EcoCart Series Mobile Powered Workstations

Entry-level option for basic tasks and smaller equipment profiles. Lightweight and compact, this unit is ideal for powering a laptop, barcode printer and scanner for 8+ hours at a time. At the end of each use, simply plug your cart into a standard wall outlet to recharge.

NB Series Powered Workstations

Available in two widths (24" and 18"), they combine the rugged design that keeps our carts operating on the floor for years with the mobility and flexible configurations that let you transform any legacy process and create measurable efficiencies. With the largest range of accessories, the NB Series can accommodate almost any profile of workstation.

PC Series Mobile Powered Workstation

Choose between a 30" or 48" tabletop. This option has room for your laptop and your paperwork. Rugged construction provides a capacity of 400 lbs while specialized casters allow for precise and easy movements with minimal force required, even at maximum capacity

PowerPick Mobile Picking Stations

Onboard power system suited for a small label printer, tablet, and scanner for 8 hours. Lightweight aluminum frame and shelves. Fully adjustable shelves that lay flat or at a 7º angle. Adjustable, ergonomic front and back handles. Locking swivel casters. Full line of adjustable accessory options for a label printer, scanner, tablet, laptop, and LCD screen.

PowerSwap Nucleus – Rechargeable Lithium Power System

The PowerSwap Nucleus® enables productivity to happen by providing power to devices such as a laptop, tablet, barcode or inkjet printer, scanner and more for 8+ hours at a time. They can be expected to last 5-7 years, ensuring that you get the most out of your investment.

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