Can You Get Better Looking with GHS Compliant Labels?


The short answer is YES! You can greatly improve your company image when you start to print product labels in color.

OSHA’s mandate to comply with the Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labeling of Chemicals (GHS) has probably caused a few gray hairs and added some unneeded stress wrinkles to you personally, but it has also created an incredible opportunity to dramatically improve your company image and re-engineer outdated workflows for product labeling while becoming compliant with GHS Labeling requirements.

By leveraging their investment in Epson ColorWorks Inkjet Printers, and BarTender Label Design Software, our customers are easily able to produce Just-In-Time Color Labels that:

  • Comply with GHS Label Requirements
  • Integrate with SDS Management & ERP Systems
  • Print High Quality Graphics & Company Logos
  • Are easy to create and modify.

We have been working with business people that are truly drinking from the information fire hose.  They have been equally frustrated, confused, anxious, and definitely stressed out by the complexity around GHS Compliance.  We have found that many companies lack the resources to deal with all of the INFORMATION involved:

  • OSHA Directives, GHS Standards, and Employee Training
  • Safety Data Sheet Review and Update
  • Enterprise Software Upgrades, Systems Integration, and Data Cleansing
  • Printing Technology Choices, Printing Equipment Deployment and Support
  • Label Designs and new Label Printing Workflow.

Our ability to synthesize this cornucopia of information, coupled with our expertise with label printing in manufacturing/distribution environments, enables us to help our customers quickly achieve GHS Compliant Product Labeling in their facilities.  Once GHS compliant, our customers continue to embrace and utilize the tremendously powerful Color Printing (Epson Colorworks Label Printers) and Label Design (BarTender Label Design Software) to promote positive changes in other areas of their business.

Companies that are in compliance with OSHA’s directive for GHS have already created a safer environment by providing clearer communication to workers who handle hazardous chemicals.  Fortunately, many companies also took the time to add color logos and branding to spruce up the once bland product labels.


Thanks to all who continue to make industrial product labels and business to business logistics a SAFER and BETTER LOOKING place!

IPSi works with all types of manufacturing and distribution companies to re-engineer workflows by designing and deploying new business processes that integrate with your ERP, WMS, and other business systems.  We love helping companies leverage hardware and software technology to improve business processes and set your employees up to be successful in their daily jobs.


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