Epson GP-C831 End-Of-Sale Announcement


Nearly 8 years ago, Epson shook the color label printing world when they released the Epson ColorWorks GP-C831. The Epson C831 has been a workhorse in many chemical manufacturing and distribution label printing systems, and it has been a part of countless IPSi integrated label printing workflow solutions.  Not only is it ideal for GHS large format drum labels and chemical labels amongst other things, but It combines all the benefits of a rugged color inkjet printer with the accuracy of an 8-pin tractor feeder and it was the first inkjet printing solution to meet BS5609 certification standards.

c831-1Unfortunately, as of June 15, 2020, Epson will halt the sale and production of the GP-C831.

Fortunately, Epson has recently released the Epson ColorWorks C6000 and C6500 series of inkjet color label printers.  The C6500 makes for the perfect replacement for a C831 and offers improvements in nearly every area.

The ability to remain GHS-compliant while printing on-demand color labels is mission-critical to countless Epson users, especially those in the chemical manufacturing industry.  The need for a wide-format printer will always exist, especially for the purpose of labeling chemical barrels. Finally, the requirement for these labels to be scratch and rub-resistant will remain. The C6500 meets all of these requirements, all the while printing with crystal-clear resolution at remarkable speeds.

(“This EOL announcement has no effect on the availability of ink, spare parts and service. Although we are eliminating the sale of new C831 printers, we will continue to fully support the large installed base with ink, spare parts and repair services for a minimum of 5 years after this notice. Furthermore, new or existing service contracts will continue to be available for the full 3-year post initial sales period as exist today.” -Epson

This means that the End-Of-Support date for the Epson C831 will be as early as mid-2025

Epson-Colorworks-C6500A-angleNow, let’s address the important questions…

  • Where can you get ink and spare parts for the C831?

Epson will continue to produce ink and supplies for this printer for a minimum of 5 years as of this blog, which means you can continue your operations with your current stock of C831 printers as normal until that point.  If you need to stock up on ink for this printer, you can still order it through our online store at Infinity Label Group.

  • Will Epson still service the C831?

As with the ink and supplies, Epson will continue to provide support services for at least 5 years following this update.  As mentioned above, that date may be as early as mid-2025.

  • What does this mean for the individuals and businesses that have continued to add these printers due to their low cost and wide printing capabilities?

It’s time to look to the future.  The direct upgrade to the C831 is the Epson CW-C6500.  Released in January 2020, this device also prints up to 8.34” wide, however, you don’t need to worry about procuring pin-feed label stock anymore.  The C6500 accepts regular label stock and can be used with any 3” internal core diameter inkjet coated labels. A maximum print quality of 1200 x 1200dpi and extensive color control capabilities through the printer driver allows you to make sure that every label is as sharp and eye-catching as you intended them to be.  Epson is considering this printer to be the best replacement for the C831, and we absolutely agree.

  • What printer replaces the Epson GP-C831 ColorWorks Industrial InkJet Printer?

The direct replacement and upgrade to the Epson ColorWorks C831 (A.K.A.  the Epson C831, Epson GP-C831) is the Epson CW-C6500 series, including the Epson C6500A (auto-cutter) and Epson C6500P (auto peeler).

  • Can I use my existing pin feed label stock in the new Epson C6500?

No, the C6500A and C6500P are not meant to be used with liners that have pin feed holes punched out.  This can damage the printer and cause feeding errors. The new printers require new label stock to be procured.


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