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Epson Case Study

As of June 15, 2020, Epson has halted the sale and production of the GP-C831.  Ink, spare parts, and service will still be available until mid 2025, at the earliest.

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The newest case study from Epson is an excellent display of all of the reasons we encourage our clients to consider a mobile powered workstation as part of their customized solution. The Newcastle Heavy-Duty PC-Series have the capability to support up to 400 lbs total- that’s 100 lbs on each upper shelf and 200 lbs on the lower shelf.  There are varying sizes, but with shelves of either 30” or 48”, you can be sure that it can effortlessly support an entire desktop computer and LCD monitor, as well as an industrial printer and scanner.

How does it have enough power to do all this?

Each PC-Series cart has a continuous output of 450-2000 Watts, and each battery contains between 1200 and 3600 Wattage-hours.  These batteries are capable of fully charging in 5-10 hours, again, depending on the application. If you are concerned about continuity of use, you can even purchase multiple batteries to use as backups!  As Casey mentions in the last portion of the study, they are able to use their own carts for up to two days before they need to be recharged.  If you would find yourself needing a battery swap more often, the lithium-ion batteries on these carts take moments to change, and it’s as easy as pulling out the old one and sliding in the new one.

With this power comes the ability to bring a label printing system and a color label printer anywhere you want.  In this case, we were working with BarTender Label Software and an Epson C831 inkjet printer. These tools allowed the users at Grant Industries to produce high-quality labels on-demand labels from anywhere in the warehouse.



Seeing Grant Industries utilize one of these mobile systems to its potential is what keeps us going here at IPSi, and hearing that they are using them in environments that would be trying for a typical printer is just icing on the cake.  We love seeing our solutions put to the test, and working with BarTenderNewcastleEpson, and Grant Industries has been an absolute pleasure!  Don’t forget to read the full case study here!


Epson Case Study


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